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Greenease: Green Just Got Easy!

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The following blog post was written by Vanessa Ferragut, the founder of Greenease:


When consumers visit their weekly farmers market, they know where that food has come from. It’s very likely that they spoke to, or interacted with, the farmer or a farm representative at that booth. Roaming the streets, surrounded by neighbors and local businesses, has a way of bringing a community together.

But when consumers dine out, are they preserving this feeling of community? If so, do they really know where the food on their plate has come from?

Greenease is a website recently launched in Washington, DC that brings awareness to the table; the savvy, sustainable consumer’s table.

The website features restaurants that offer local, seasonal, sustainable and healthy food options. Almost 30% of the restaurants on the database have provided Greenease their farm and/or purveyors names.

The quote “we are what we eat” resonates with consumers today more than ever.  Many Americans are suffering from obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other health-related issues very much linked to food. America’s love affair with food is growing, but the country’s awareness of what’s really on the other end of their fork has dwindled.

What consumers don’t know is that the United States has prohibited the use of many toxic pesticides, only to sell these same pesticides to farmers overseas and import the products of these farms back into the United States and on consumer plates.

Most consumers are unaware that almost 90 percent of the animals raised and slaughtered in the United States are from industrial farms. These huge factory farms are simultaneously contributing to negative environmental impacts in their own communities and the demise of the small family farm. And where do you think those hormones and antibiotics fed to livestock are ending up?

Right. Add these to your plates with a side of pesticides.

A consumer may purchase an apple at the Farmer’s Market and gasp at the price, but what they don’t know is that is probably the true cost of that apple. These farmers aren’t receiving government subsidies because they don’t plant “commodity crops” (wheat, soy, corn, rice, etc.) in lieu of healthier fruits and vegetables. And they probably aren’t operating on hundreds of acres and using the cheapest pesticides on the market. These are farmers who care about their land, the next generation of crops and their consumers. This is what the consumer is paying for.

And now consumers can take that feeling of community and local foods with them when they dine out.  Greenease allows consumers to take action in the safety and quality of their food, and in supporting their local farms, restaurants and merchants passionate about the sustainable and slow foods movement.

Get your green on at www.greenease.co today!

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