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Summer Fruits for Health & Vitality

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As it gets warmer outside, we naturally begin to crave more foods that are cool.  Our craving for lighter foods in the summer is nothing more than the body guiding us to what it needs to thrive in a warmer environment. Many of try to ignore or reject our cravings because we view them as working against our will.   However, what we may not realize is that these cravings are  the key that opens the door to good health.  When we are able to stop, listen, and honor our cravings, we learn what our body needs to truly be healthy and happy.

Summer is a great time to pay attention to the body’s cues and eat foods that will help us stay hydrated and feel refreshed.  We all love creamy and sweet drinks or cool treats, but instead of choosing the sugar filled ice-cream cone or cold beverage, try to take advantage of the delicious fresh fruit that is available this season.

Fruits are naturally sweet and when harvested in-season, they are delicious, inexpensive, and nutritious – containing essential fiber, vitamins and minerals.  Many summer fruits promote a faster metabolism, which in turn may help you lose that extra winter weight.

Here are three summer fruits that are definitely worth giving a try:

Berries – Both strawberries and raspberries are excellent summer fruit choices, especially for those looking to lose weight.  Berries are low in sugar and full of wonderful anti-oxidants.  Strawberries only have 50 calories per cup and 3 grams of fiber, helping you to feel fuller for longer.

Oranges – Oranges are sweet, juicy, will keep you hydrated, and have no added sugar.

Cantaloupe – By nature a cantaloupe is nutritionally dense with a variety of essential vitamins and minerals.  Just one cup is enough to keep you hydrated you and full for a long time.

Look for these and other summer fruits at  Central Farm Markets for the freshest fruit with the best flavor (and greatest value).


This blog post was written by Precious Frazier, Certified Holistic Health Coach and Founder of Nutritional InnerG Holistic Health and Wellness Practice.  Visit www.nutrtionalinnerg.com today to schedule your complimentary health consultation! You can also check out Precious’ eBook: Claim Your InnerG: The Easy-Peasy Guide to Healthy Eating and Meatless Mondays as a guide to healthy eating and living.

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