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Green Gardening Tips from the Master Gardeners

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gardening tips

On Saturday, April 20, the Montgomery County Master Gardeners will hold their first walk-in plant clinic at Pike Central Farm Market, and will be there to give out gardening advice and to answer any of your gardening questions.  The Master Gardeners are trained volunteers who are dedicated to educating Montgomery County residents about safe, effective and sustainable gardening practices that build healthy gardens, landscapes and communities.  Here are three green gardening tips from the Master Gardeners:

1. Match the right plant to the right place: some plants need a lot of sun, while others are better off in the shade. Test the pH of your soil and group plants with similar sun, nutrient and moisture needs together.

2. Conserve water use: skip the sprinkler; let grass grow dormant in the summer.  Water your garden one inch at a time in the morning to reduce evaporation.  It’s also best to add 2-3 inches of mulch in garden beds to retain moisture, but you should keep mulch away from tree trunks.

3. Be careful with pesticides and fertilizers: select the least toxic and most effective products to control pests, and apply compost to the garden for a healthy living soil.

The Master Gardeners will hold their free plant clinics on the third Saturday of each month at Pike Central Farm Market. For more information on the Master Gardeners, please visit their website.

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