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Eat Right, Your Way, Every Day by Daniel Butler

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Eating right is much more than following some fad diet. It’s about taking the time to make sustained lifestyle changes towards a healthier life. It’s also about learning what foods to avoid and what foods are acceptable in moderation.  With childhood obesity and pre-diabetes on the rise in America, what we eat is so integral to a healthy lifestyle. At the end of the day, one of the few choices we have 100% control over is what we put into our bodies. Pairing a nutrient rich diet with a consistent exercise program will yield exuberant health benefits. Energy levels will increase, sleep becomes deeper, and muscle mass begins to increase as fat deposits begin to decrease.

A well-balanced diet includes whole grains and other low-glycemic carbohydrates, a variety of deep green vegetables, and lean protein sources. Protein sources can be found through lean chicken breast, ground turkey, WILD caught fish, grass-fed beef, and egg whites. Protein contributes to muscle growth and triggers the feeling of satiety in the brain, which helps curb appetite and thus leads to weight loss.

Reading food labels can be somewhat of a hassle nowadays because of all the additives used in processed foods. But by shopping at farmers markets, the food is guaranteed fresh, and there’s no question about whether or not additives or GMO’s were used in the farming. Farmers markets have been an integral part of my healthy diet and sustained energy levels. I believe in supporting the local farmers and the small businesses of America.

This blog post was written by Daniel Butler, a Kinesiology student at the University of Maryland.  Daniel is a Certified Personal Trainer, a nutrition enthusiast, and an NPC competitive body builder.  Check out his Facebook page, Musclevation Fitness.

March is National Nutrition Month.  If you’d like to write a guest blog post for us about what Eat Right, Your Way, Every Day means to you, email Jessica for more information.

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