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New Vendor: Bayside Kettle Corn

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After time spent as a naval officer and chief engineer on Navy warships, and too long in cubicles, Kurt Snyder longed to give back to his community in a different way.  Kurt turned his longing into Bayside Kettle Corn, a family owned business that solely uses ingredients from small businesses in the United States.

Bayside Kettle Corn comes in a variety of different flavors, from Classics like Old Bay flavored and Traditional Kettle Corn, to Signature flavors like Irish Toffee, Vermont Maple, Moloka’i Sunrise and more!

“At the end of the day, Bayside Kettle Corn was established to remind us of the great times we all remember growing up!  After all, do we ever truly grow up?”

Bayside Kettle Corn will now be at the Bethesda Central Farm Market every Sunday – Kurt is working on some new flavors, so make sure to check in with him each week at the market!

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