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New Vendor: Bayside Kettle Corn

After time spent as a naval officer and chief engineer on Navy warships, and too long in cubicles, Kurt Snyder longed to give back to his community in a different way.  Kurt turned his longing into Bayside Kettle Corn, a family owned business that solely uses ingredients from small businesses in the United States.

Bayside Kettle Corn comes in a variety of different flavors, from Classics like Old Bay flavored and Traditional Kettle Corn, to Signature flavors like Irish Toffee, Vermont Maple, Moloka’i Sunrise and more!

“At the end of the day, Bayside Kettle Corn was established to remind us of the great times we all remember growing up!  After all, do we ever truly grow up?”

Bayside Kettle Corn will now be at the Bethesda Central Farm Market every Sunday – Kurt is working on some new flavors, so make sure to check in with him each week at the market!


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Take a Walk on the Wild Side of Hummous

Take a Walk on the Wild Side of Hummous

Who says you can’t have Cinnamon Raisin hummous? Not Blake Wollman, that’s for sure. His line of Wild Pea Hummous brings us the authentic taste of Mediterranean hummous, with a uniquely modern twist.  With over 300 sweet & savory flavors, The Wild Pea Hummous comes in every wild variety imaginable: from Pizza, Popcorn, Buffalo Wing, and Strawberry Basil, to the popular Asian Fire, Mango Curry, and Black Truffle.  

Ingredients, from exotic to every day are always the freshest available.  Blake Wollman and his team hand craft and pack small batches of all of their flavors in their Baltimore kitchen.  The Wild Pea’s hummous concoctions are so good that they were featured in Food Network Magazine – check out the article here
Take a Walk on the Wild Side of Hummous

Take a walk on the wild side of hummous – catch Blake and friends at Bethesda Central Farm Market starting on Sunday, February 24th!

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Ways to Have a Healthy Heart This Valentine’s Day

heart health

February is American Heart Month.  Valentine’s Day also falls directly in the middle of February.  Coincidence?  We think not.  Sure, it’s fine to splurge every now and then, but there are ways to enjoy your Valentine’s Day while being good to your heart too.  Here are some ideas:

1. Give your meals “the rainbow effect”
According to Washingtonian Magazine, a good way to keep your heart healthy is to pile your plate with a mix of colorful fruits and vegetables.  So have some salmon – which is packed with omega 3 fatty acids that reduce risk of abnormal heart beats – and go crazy with colorful vegetables as a side, like purple carrots, red beets, turnips, and watermelon radishes.

2.  It’s OKAY to eat chocolate – especially dark chocolate
Dark chocolate contains phytochemicals, which “have many heart-protective effects.”  Dark chocolate also contains antioxidants, which can lower blood pressure and reduce inflammation.  

3.  Exercise
Your heart is the most important muscle in your body, so it’s time to work it out.  Walk to the market this weekend and you won’t have to stress about parking!

4.  Eat fresh, earth-based foods
Try to avoid processed foods and instead go for the fresh, local foods that we have available at our market.  The less chemicals, the better.  Many of our vendors are certified organic and are happy to provide you with natural wholesome food all year!

5.  Relax and enjoy yourself
Life is not a sprint — it’s a marathon.  High stress is associated with a higher risk of heart disease.  So be good to yourself — slow down and smell the roses.  It sounds cliché, but it’s really important to just chill out sometimes.

Can you tell us what you do to keep your heart healthy?  Share with us on Facebook, Twitter, or just leave a comment here. If you NEED to indulge on chocolate on Valentine’s day – make sure it’s at least dark chocolate! And try to go for a run first.  Your body and your heart will thank you later.