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Central Farm Markets’ Super Bowl Party

When I hear Super Bowl, I think football, commercials, and FOOD.  We have all of your Super Bowl party needs covered at the market!

Super Bowl Party

Ready to take home

Chips & Dip: head over to Betty’s Chips & Salsa for a special Super Bowl pack: 2 bags of chips, red salsa, salsa verde & guacamole; normally a $25 value, you can get all this for only $20 in honor of the Super Bowl!  Two Acre Farm will have Garlic & Artichoke, Sweet Onion, Pico de Gallo, and Black Bean salsas.

Cheese: Put it on a cracker, eat it on its own or melt it on something…but you need great cheese to top your chili, tortilla chips, and burgers!   Stonyman Gourmet Farmer has many varieties of cheese for you to use in your recipes.

Chili: We think Heirloom Kitchen makes the BEST Vegetarian Black Bean Chili, which makes a great dip with corn chips!  We also like Springfield Farm’s  savory beef chili. 

Wings: Springfield Farm has fresh chicken wings – check out this Buffalo Chicken Dippers recipe!

Sausages: MeatCrafters has a variety of sausages including Smoked Kielbasa, which is great in chili, and Painted Hand Farm will have goat, pork and veal sausages for the big game.

Sauerkraut & Pickles: Pick up all natural krauts from Sweet Farm Sauerkraut as a great side.  Oh Pickles! will have their sour, half sour and full sour pickles for you to munch on while you’re watching the game.

popcorn kernels

Popcorn: Two Acre Farm will have all natural, gluten-free popcorn and popcorn kernels if you want to pop your own – choose from Ruby Red, Indigo Blue, Rainbow, or Jumbo Gold.  Add any seasoning of your choosing: Classic BBQ, Cajun, BBQ & Parm, Spiced Cinnamon, and more!

Desserts:   A Better Choice Bakery will have Purple Sangria Cupcakes! These vegan/gluten-free cupcakes are made with berries in a super moist celebratory purple color, and are topped with lemon frosting and fresh fruit.  Mini treats like Sweet Teensy’s mini cupcakes, and bite size chocolates from Chouquette will also make great endings for your meal.

Drinks: Start Super Bowl Sunday off with Toigo Orchards’ Birth of Pain Bloody Mary Mix.

Serving dishes:  Affinity Woodworks has gorgeous handmade wooden bowls in all different sizes that can hold chips, salads, popcorn and more.  They also have cheese boards and cutting boards – load ’em up with salamis and cheeses and get chopping!

Make it at home


Need help planning your game-day menu?  Here are some healthy recipes to keep your energized during the big game.  If you’re planning on grilling or tailgating outside, Kiparoo Farms will have soft wool hats and scarves to keep you warm.

Turkey Cheeseburgers –   Pick up the ground turkey from Liberty Delight Farms, get delicious Upper Crust Bread  baguettes at the Farm Market Bakery stand, and top it with cheese from Stonyman Gourmet Farmer!  If you want to add an extra crunch, top with sprouts from Susie Sunshine Sprouts.

Chili – Walnut Hill Farm has a special on ground beef – buy 4 packs of Black Angus Ground Beef, get the 5th free! Perfect if you’re serving chili to a lot of hungry people.

Cheesesteak sliders get the beef from Walnut Hill Farm, Liberty Delight Farms, or Springfield Farm, the cheese from Stonyman Gourmet Farmer, and great Upper Crust Bakery baguettes from the Farm Market Bakery stand.  Feel free to make any variation of this recipe! 

Ravens Super Quick 5 Layer Dip

5 layer dip

1 can Refried Black Beans
1 8oz block Pepper Jack Cheese, grated
1 16oz container Sour Cream
1 16oz container Sweet Farm Sauerkraut  Curtido
1 8oz container of Betty’s Guacamole
Betty’s Chips & Salsa Tortilla Chips for dipping

Spread the can of refried black beans along the bottom of a 8×8 dish. Spread the guacamole on top of the beans. Sprinkle the cheese on top of the guacamole. Spread the sour cream on top of the cheese. Finally, spread the Curtido on top of the sour cream. Serve with Betty’s Tortilla Chips. Enjoy the game!


1) If you want more spice, mix in some of your favorite hot sauce with the refried beans before spreading them into the serving dish.
2) For a delicious sixth layer, spread a pound of Liberty Delight Farms’ ground beef or pork cooked with taco seasoning between the beans and cheese layers.
3) Got a big crowd coming over? Double the recipe and serve in a 9×13 dish.

Stuffed Baby Potatoes great finger food! 

Fish & Chips get a great variety of white fishes from Vernon’s Seafood and sweet potatoes from our produce vendors to make the fries.

 What’s on your game-day menu?  Share with us!


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Tomatoes in the Winter? Get them at our Winter Farmers Market!

Twin Springs Fruit Farm's Greenhouse

Twin Springs Fruit Farm’s Greenhouse

As many of you now know, Bethesda Central Winter Farmers Market is open every Sunday throughout the winter from 10am-1pm.  While our winter farmers market is the biggest one in the area,  winter farmers markets are popping up around the country!  We love to bring you the freshest food year-round, and over 30 vendors will be at our market each Sunday with the best local produce, specialty meats, dairy, baked goods and more all winter.

Our farmers play a huge role in keeping our market open during the winter.  Our own farmers are now growing in hoop houses and eco-friendly greenhouses, expanding their growing season and the varieties of food they can produce all year.  Twin Springs Fruit Farm’s greenhouse is up and running, and Cottingham Farms has indoor hoops set up to grow winter crops. We have farmers that are growing cherry tomatoes, some varieties of lettuce like Red Oak Leaf Lettuce and even Arugula! There have even been some green beans and cucumbers popping up this winter.

We know that winter means COLD…but we have delicious foods and natural products to keep you warm like Zeke’s Coffee, and colorful wool hats & scarves from Kiparoo farms.  We have great meats to make hearty stews and soups and an abundance of winter vegetables.  Here are some of the wonderful, healthy vegetables that are available at the market now to use in your favorite recipes. Don’t forget that you can find great recipes on our Pinterest boards all year-long – we follow the seasons for you! Bon Appetit and here’s what’s at the market now…


  • Multi-colored Carrots: Did you know that red, white and blue carrots exist?  Bending Bridge Farm has patriotic carrots for you – they look great and taste even better. 100% natural and organic!


Rutabaga: Not sure what to do with rutabaga?  Try roasting chunks of it, and top it with sweet & sour dressing. You can get rutabaga from Two Acre Farm.

IMG_2440BeetsCottingham Farms, Bending Bridge Farm, and Two Acre Farm have plenty of these root vegetables.

IMG_2443Apples: Toigo Orchards and Twin Springs Fruit Farm have tons of apples for you!

Pears: Toigo Orchards has gorgeous Asian pears, and Twin Spring Fruit Farm has tasty Bosc pears.


Winter Squash: Bending Bridge Farm, Two Acre Farm, and Twin Springs Fruit Farm all have a variety of Winter Squash.

Two Acre Farm also has gorgeous mushrooms and cabbage.  Try this recipe that combines the two.